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In the first quarter of 2017, SCOSP made a landmark when the first interface meeting was held in Kisoro District of south western Uganda. The meeting targeted people with albinism under SCOSP and the Kisoro District local government leaders, community leaders, and representatives from CSOs.  This was aimed at providing space for the children and caregivers of children with albinism to reframe the conversation around albinism and instigate lasting change. The leaders unanimously agreed to provide the necessary support always whenever we have advocacy activities. The chairman LC V  of Kisoro District hailed the work of SCOSP and  pledged to always participate in the NGO activities in his district. He promised to take advocacy issues that were raised by people with albinism to the District council for further discussion and where possible amplify the voices of people with albinism in Kisoro at a higher level.  By Michael Sabiiti, Founder and Executive Director.


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SCOSP is honored to host seven members of our international development partner Weitblick Heidelberg who are in Kabale to get more information and the real feel of the work of SCOSP and the impact of their cooperation with SCOSP to implement the Albino project in Uganda.
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Donate to end skin Cancer among persons with albinism in SCOSP Uganda

See Evelyn Atukwasibwe in the photo with her teenage mother. She sadly died of skin cancer while in my hands. The pain is still real to me and memories linger in my mind. Her passing will forever remain a nightmare from which I will try had to awake. If we had steady supply of sunscreen lotion she would have perhaps survived the deadly but preventable disease (SKin cancer). No more children with albinism should die of skin cancer. We are making progress already, so you can also send us a donation to save the children with albinism from skin cancer by sending a donation to our cause. You can also write to one of our staff and ask if you want to hear more real life stories. E-mail us at to here more stories. Please consider a donation today.  Donate here to end skin cancer

Friday Niringiyimana

SCOSP Update: Friday Niringiyimana It is alleged that relatives purposely released a dog to bite the Friday because he is albino said Baker the District representative for SCOSP in Kisoro. The eye witness said that she had them say "bite him because he is ready meat". Post by Michael Sabiiti, Executive Director Website