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Kabale Town streets as country tries to stop covid19

Kabale Town streets as country tries to stop covid19


Site for Community Services Programme  (SCOSP )
Prevention of Corona virus(Covid19) starts with you.

The current Corona virus situation globally requires us to take precautions of avoid contact, gathering and stop some cultural norms that may put lives at stake .

Let's take atleast 4 glasses of juice with vitamin c to book our immune system. 

Hot Lemon has proven to be a good remedy to aid of the signs an symptoms.

Contact the doctor or go to a health centre should you develop strange  signs of Corona

International Albinism Awareness Day 2019

Theme:"Still Standing Strong".

Persons with albinism arrive at the venue(Mayor's gardens Kisoro District) from the peaceful matchpast through Kisoro Town which attracted the attention of  thousands of people in Kisoro Town. 
This year 2019, celebration of the international Albinism Awareness Day centered on advocacy and the awareness creation about the plight of PWA,such as stigma and discrimination, promotion and protection of the rights persons with albinism.
We had a peaceful match and awareness campaign through Kisoro Town beofore we had a speeches and entertainment at the Mayor's Gardens in Kisoro District.
Many people who were in the market and in town commented on the match past and peaceful demonstration that "they did not know that the people with albinism still existed in Kisoro".
Several media houses published the news with TV West broadcasting our Day's activity in the Saturday 15, 2019 evening news. 
Challege we had is that it took place at a tim…

Donate to end skin Cancer among persons with albinism in SCOSP Uganda

See Evelyn Atukwasibwe in the photo with her teenage mother. She sadly died of skin cancer while in my hands. The pain is still real to me and memories linger in my mind. Her passing will forever remain a nightmare from which I will try had to awake. If we had steady supply of sunscreen lotion she would have perhaps survived the deadly but preventable disease (SKin cancer). No more children with albinism should die of skin cancer. We are making progress already, so you can also send us a donation to save the children with albinism from skin cancer by sending a donation to our cause. You can also write to one of our staff and ask if you want to hear more real life stories. E-mail us at to here more stories. Please consider a donation today.  Donate here to end skin cancer