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Advocacy and media engagement: Creation of Awareness about the plight of children with albinism in Uganda.

Children with albinism live in fear due to threats to their lives because they have a misunderstood condition of melanin deficiency. Many myths and ignorance about the condition have left the children and women women with albinism largely at risk of being mutilated, killed for their body parts to be used in magic rituals falsely believed to create wealth in magic concoctions by witch doctors who claim that they can create wealth out of that. Children and women with this condition have received threats from their parents and some members of the extended families. SCOSP continues to make tremendous mile stones to create awareness about the condition. Some of the perpetrators of the crimes against children with albinism have been arrested by police with a tip off from the affected persons. Police border posts have been notified about child trafficking in persons with albinism. The challenges still remain largely due to inadequate funding for the activities of the organization, access to…


In the first quarter of 2017, SCOSP made a landmark when the first interface meeting was held in Kisoro District of south western Uganda. The meeting targeted people with albinism under SCOSP and the Kisoro District local government leaders, community leaders, and representatives from CSOs.  This was aimed at providing space for the children and caregivers of children with albinism to reframe the conversation around albinism and instigate lasting change. The leaders unanimously agreed to provide the necessary support always whenever we have advocacy activities. The chairman LC V  of Kisoro District hailed the work of SCOSP and  pledged to always participate in the NGO activities in his district. He promised to take advocacy issues that were raised by people with albinism to the District council for further discussion and where possible amplify the voices of people with albinism in Kisoro at a higher level.  By Michael Sabiiti, Founder and Executive Director.