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Matthias an albino child aged 1 year and 6 months was cut with a panga by one Alex Nkabibasa on 7th July 2015 when his mother (Prossy) was coming from up in the mountains to harvest beans. The crime was committed in Mugwara, Kitnaga Kashmbya Subcounty, Rukiga County, Kabale District. According to Prossy, the ccriminal Alex Nkabibasa way laid them with a Panga at around 8:00pm as she came from the mountain.
“I had my baby at the back , when it was at night at around 8:00pm when Alex joined us as we walked down hill. We moved with him and he had nothing in his hands but later he went to his home and while we were walking below the terrace, he showed up and said that he had gotten an opportunity and Prossy humbly did not take it seriously that someone he knew would not do such a thing” Said Prossy.
Prossy is a casual laborer and she is very needy and they survive on the little earned from the daily hard labour in the village. They have difficult in sending their children to school and Mathias may also not start school due to poverty in the family. He sustained a big cut of a wound which he sustained as a result of a Panga cut that Alex made as Prossy was coming from the mountains to work in the garden.
He then pulled out the panga while murwahi village, Kitanga, Kashambya sub county, Rukiga south, Kabale District
According to Matthias’ mother, Alex had always said that Prossy had a unique child. And he would look at him and his face would srivi, in the village people are not happy with me. And the child Mathias Prossy went . They went to kitojo HCII and after they went to Kabale Regional Referral hospital.
On the 7th July 2015, Blood was oozing out and the cut part of the head. Alex made 3 attempts to cut him and on the fourth attempt as Prossy kept dodging him he was cut on the head above the left eye.
Prossy then went for the sub county and reported to the police who pursued the suspected criminal in the night and then got him and he was arrested the next day morning of 8th Jul 215.
On the day he was arrested by Kashambya Police, he accepted to have cut Matthias with a Panga but declined to give reasons for doing so and yet Prosy had no wrangles with him.
Prossy was shocked to find that Alex was released by Kashambya police and when this happened, the relatives and friends of Prossy made a lot of noise and he was re-arrested him and he was then remanded to Ndorwa Government Prison.
Prossy accused the local police post for releasing the man who wanted her 1 year albino son dead. Prossy is very worried that Alex will bribe and go out and yet there are threats that when he comes out of jail he will kill both Prossy and her albino so.
When the Matthias was cut, he bled a lot and all the clothes were soaked in blood. The criminal accepted to have cut the albino boy and told his close people that because the parents are poor he would come out of jail anytime because he has money. According to Prossy a rich person in their village seems to be above the law because they are untouchable.
Prossy is worried that when Alex comes out he might burn her house in the village. Prossy is also a mother of another boy and girl who not albinos.
Mr. Sabiiti Michael, the director of Site for Community Services Program a local NGO operating in Kigezi sub region say that such cases should not be taken lightly and the culprits if proven guilty ought to be punished accordingly so that children with albinism can be left to enjoy their rights and freedoms as any other human being.
Mr. Sabiiti has donated hygiene products; he has also provided support to the child to go for wound care and hopes to find a lawyer for the poor child so that justice is done for the little albino boy.
He further warns anyone who thinks that he/she will harm albino children and go freely, be warned that the law shall always take its course.
People should desist from taking false advice from witch doctors that albino children’s hands, blood, hair, skin and other body parts are medicinal and can cause wealth if mixed with magical rituals.
“I appeal to government to enact tougher laws that punish people who attack children with albinism in Uganda” Said Mr. Sabiiti.


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